Your Quick Guide To The Attractions Of Tampa Bay, Florida

So you’ve decided that Tampa Bay is your next travel destination and you’re super excited about your break away. There’s only one problem, as you started to research the area you realized that there are endless attractions to visit and places to see. Suddenly your initial excitement has turned into stress. How can you decide which attractions you will enjoy the most? After all you can’t visit all of them!

Don’t worry, we’ve taken the hard work out of your hands. In fact we’ve prepared a clear guide to helping you set a tailor-made travel agenda that’s perfect for you. Ready to get started? Great!

Are You A Thrill Seeker?

If your idea of the perfect getaway includes a good pump of adrenaline, a racing heart and lots of chances to have your breath taken away, Tampa Bay is the right place for you. You just need to know which attractions are going to be up your street. Of course there are many!

One recommendation is taking a speed boat adventure. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as taking to the open waters, especially since such adventures often allow you to take to the wheel and navigate the boat for a while.

Florida Aquarium is also another excellent choice. Here you’ll have the opportunity to swim or dive with sharks, a great way to get your heart racing!

Are You All About Culture And History?

If you prefer a taste of culture and history during a break away, you may want to focus on a few specific attractions to fill your needs. For example, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts offers an excellent choice of shows, with the actual Center itself being a sight to behold.

The Tampa Bay History Center is also another definite for your list. You can take in the history of Florida over three floors, with plenty of exciting exhibitions to bring the past to life.

It’s clear then, whatever type of traveler you may be, Tampa Bay will have plenty to please you. Whether you’re all about adrenaline or focused on culture, there’s no shortage of attractions that are guaranteed to be right up your street. However, allow us to give you one more word of recommendation; even though Tampa Bay is crammed with things to do and places to see, make sure you set aside at least one hour to relax and smell the roses!