Adoptive Applicant Services

Dear Adoptive Applicant,

Your adoption journey is about what's right for you. We believe in creating stable, permanent homes. We appreciate the special strengths of each individual and couple and therefore we consider all adoptive applicants equally regardless of race, color, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability or nationality. 

Through this journey we promise to:

Your Homestudy Process

In order to adopt, the adopting person or couple must have an approved Homestudy. The Homestudy must be completed by a licensed agency in the state of residence of the person or couple.

The first step in the Homestudy process is an interview with a licensed staff member. After your interview and the initial paperwork are complete, you will begin the actual Homestudy.

The Homestudy process is divided into three parts:

Your Placement Process Includes

A woman who chooses adoption completes a medical history form as well as other legal documents as required by adoption law. The woman who choses adoption will then select an adoptive family from 3-5 profiles. One or more meetings between the woman choosing adoption and adoptive parents may occur if requested by the woman choosing adoption. This gives you both a chance to get to know each other and to talk about what your adoption journey could look like. Choice Network supports you during this time. We work to ensure you are matched with a woman that chooses adoption that is perfect for you in every aspect.

Your Pre and Post-Finalization Services Include

Choice Network believes that many families come to adoption having to grieve a loss of their own; often the loss of their unborn child. Choice Network will work with you to heal in order to fully open your arms and heart to adoption.

Once you are placed and after the birth of your baby, the woman who chooses adoption will sign the Permanent Surrenders.

Immediately after the Permanent Surrenders are signed, you will sign the adoptive placement papers. The baby is then discharged from the hospital and goes home with you.

Choice Network then calls you within four days of placement and visits your home within seven days of placement. We then visit your home monthly until finalization is complete.

A Putative Father Registry search request is filed 30 days after the date of birth and a response is received in approximately four weeks.

Four months after placement, we file the Petition to Adopt (finalization process). Finalization may occur as soon as six months after placement. Choice Network provides the attorney with all necessary documentation for finalization.

Your adoption is complete.

Choice Network also promises open and honest communication throughout the adoption process and beyond. Our services from beginning to end are real. From day one, you will know Molly and Joni are on your side.


"I know how challenging it can be to begin to this journey. Choosing adoption is opening your heart to the possibility of loss, grief, joy, and the unknown. What I love about working for Choice Network is that the process to becoming an adoptive family is so individualized and completely based on your family's strengths and needs. Because our agency works with a limited number of new families a year, I have a really unique opportunity to follow a family's adoption journey from application to adoptive placement finalization. I love that I can have the freedom and time to spend with a family as their experience and understanding of adoption grows and changes and I love being able to advocate for a family in order to watch their dream of expanding their family come true." - Joni